Books andChapbooks

Mot: A Memoir


 Beautifully written, Mot vividly evokes quotidian parking lots, campgrounds, and scenery and explores complicated, omnipresent moral questions about what it means to give, take, offer, need, and befriend in a way that will make it a reference point for me for years to come. (Zoe Zolbrod The Rumpus

The Tripart Heart

A book cover with an upside down heart pierced by three arrows.

Walking a line between deeply-felt memory and tender nostalgia for hard-scrabble times, Sarah Einstein’s chapbook delineates the path from trying to change the world to letting the world soften and make fertile the heart. (Alex DeFrancesco, author of Pscyhopomps)

Remnants of Passoin

A book cover with a flaming heart.

 Remnants of Passion is a collection of essays that examine one woman’s search for love, sex, and a sense of belonging from adolescence into middle age. It’s equal parts queer and quotidian, ranging in its focus from lesbians fighting over the politics of penetration to first kisses, from apologies never made to a marriage held together with spaghetti. 


Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean


In Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean, Adrian Blevins and Karen Salyer McElmurray collect essays from today’s finest established and emerging writers with roots in Appalachia. Together, these essays take the theme of silencing in Appalachian culture, whether the details of that theme revolve around faith, class, work, or family legacies.  

Soul Mate 101


This collection of twenty-one essays showcases the breadth of where love can take us: a divorced woman dates a younger man; a woman with a brain injury forgets her relationship is over; the perfect love song haunts a man’s life; a widow finds a new soul mate; a woman advises against marrying a soul mate, if you happen to find one.  

Writers Resist: 2018


Writers Resist: The Anthology 2018, celebrating the online journal's first year, includes the works of 73 contributors, some not-yet-known, some well-known, and a few notorious writers and artists of the resistance

Welcome to the Neighborhood



Welcome to the Neighborhood answers our urgent need for a contemporary examination of the complex connections between individuality and collectivity, between person and place. This book is exceptional and necessary.

)Erica Dawson, author of When Rap Spoke Straight to God)

Feckless Cunt


The 55 pieces of poetry and short prose gathered in Feckless Cunt: A Feminist Anthology offer a powerful, multifaceted response: how it is to live in our time, in this sexist culture. Feckless Cunt is about what we carry and will now set down, what we’ve held off saying but want you to know. 



Fury: Women’s Lived Experiences During the Trump Era brings together a diverse community of women who reveal the impact Donald Trump’s behavior, words, and presidency has had on each one of them, how each is confronting the problem, and how she is fighting back.